Sony PlayStation 4 to Launch in November

Industry sources with reasonable track records in console gaming have stated that the Sony PlayStation 4 release date for the US market continues to be reserved for November of the year. Additionally, exactly the same sources also have suggested that there will be two versions of the PlayStation 4 arriving at the same time, which will retail for $529 and $429 what the extra cash will bring to the table however is still anyone’s guess.


While no details have yet been confirmed and also the console itself has as-though not been pointed out by its designers, The new Sony would be to hold a higher-profile PS Meeting in New You are able to City later today – the working platform where the PS4 is anticipated to become introduced. Optimism aside however, chances of Sony actually announcing the prices or the specific release dates for that PS 4 are slim to none – expect rather lots of boasting concerning the specs featuring to anticipate.

As far as what we already know goes…or at least what we think we know…various leaks have depicted the new PlayStation 4 controller with a touchpad in the center and a speaker / microphone grill just above. We’re also dependably (?) informed the PS4 will sport a distinctive account system that wills several customers to visit just one machine simultaneously. Something that’s also become a given is those of the Ps 4 developing a seamless gaming and social media ecosystem for the first time.

Roughly translated, the PS4 will (or may) be compatible with certain Smartphones and Tablet PCs, which is accustomed to control the console, network with buddies and buy games and applications online. In many ways, the PlayStation 4 is expected to take few leaves from the book of Microsoft’s Xbox Live, by focusing more about all-encompassing home theatre than pure gaming and gaming alone.

We’re still waiting to listen to further details about the potential for streaming cloud gaming, though Sony’s purchase of we’ve got the technology is certain to bring significant new developments over next season. Watch this space for more particulars from the Ps 4 together with its specs, features, price and release date as Sony puts us all out of our misery later today.